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Michelle and Joe’s wedding was proof that love, loud and unapologetic, is a joy to behold. It was also proof that there’s no such thing as a perfect wedding, but where there’s a will, there’s a way – whatever the weather!

We met the bride- and groom-to-be in a light-filled home in Sorrento, surrounded by their close family and friends. Whilst the groomsmen tossed back a few cervezas on the deck, Michelle was helped into her gown by her bridesmaids. The gown, made from French-inspired lace by Martina Liana accentuated Michelle’s curvaceous figure perfectly. Michelle’s mother fixed a simple and elegant silver pendant around Michelle’s neck, and that was that!

Then Michelle, with a cheeky smile on her face that we would become so familiar with, tiptoed out onto the deck where a blindfolded Joe was eagerly waiting. As Michelle unwrapped the blindfold for Joe’s first look at his blushing bride, we were reminded that the best weddings always bring with them an element of fun and mystery!

Next we ventured off to the Sorrento foreshore for some photos with Michelle’s bridesmaids and Joe’s groomsmen. Joe carried a white umbrella to shelter the couple from the light Spring rain that had been falling intermittently throughout the morning. There were plenty of smiles and laughs from the group as they navigated different locations and poses for the photographer. Michelle held a bouquet of white roses and lilies from local florist Woopsadaisy, and had delicate blossoms woven into her hair. With that and the sea breeze wafting over us, it was a beautiful and intoxicating mix!

Michelle and Joe’s ceremony and reception was held at The Baths in Sorrento. Right on the beach (with a gorgeous East-facing deck that looks out over the ocean), The Baths offers a light-filled and modern space that incorporates elements of coastal living that so many Australians know and love. They have an outdoor arbor for weddings, which Joe & Michelle jumped at the opportunity to use! 

Michelle walked down the aisle arm-in-arm with her mother, barefoot on the pale (and somewhat chilly) sand. Natasha Webb was their celebrant, and she provided an efficient and friendly service. Despite the encroaching weather, she managed to fit in the whole ceremony without it feeling rushed at all! Joe has us all laughing as he attempted to say half of his vows in Spanish – points for trying, Joe! It was just another way that the couple showed us their devotion to each other on the day; it’s not easy to get up and declare your love for another person in front of a crowd of people… and especially not in an unfamiliar language! Great work Joe!

Despite the light rain, Joe and Michelle took to the Sorrento foreshore post-ceremony for some more photos. The diffused light of the early afternoon actually looked gorgeous on our cameras and gave Michelle and Joe a good opportunity to snuggle up together against the cold. There’s a silver lining in every rain cloud and these two really found it!

After speeches, entrees, some more speeches, mains, and a few more kind words from the nearest and dearest of Michelle and Joe, it was time to hit the dancefloor! Joe and Michelle had us in tears as they came together for their first dance as man and wife. All credit must go to Pixelbooth for the awesome sound and lighting setup, as well as amazing DJ mix. Pixelbooth is most well known for their photo booths – Michelle and Joe’s booth certainly got a lot of use over the evening and we’d love to see how some of those props and masks were used!

This was a high energy wedding, full of unable-to-be-contained personalities. We hope you can see this in our highlight video of the day. To the newly-wedded Castellano’s, all we can say is thanks for having us, and congratulations again!

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